I am writing this blog to see if anyone noticed any similarity between the Mr. Peabody and Sherman (1960s) opening music theme and a song by Destiny's Child?

The Destiny's Child song is "Independent Women Part 2" from their Survivor album, what I think is a lesser known song than Independent Women Part 1.

I didn't start hearing that song until mid 2001 thanks to my sister playing their album. but one time when I heard it, I heard the beginning of the song before the lyrics start and began to notice that. It sounded funny to me, and interesting.

Then the following year when watching Rocky and Bullwinkle, a cartoon I've been watching since I was 4 years old, when the Peabody and Sherman short came on, I heard the theme music to that show and noticed the music sounded somewhat similar to what I heard in Destiny's Child's song.

I did try finding connections between the two on the internet but couldn't find any connection, I probably haven't looked everywhere but did search more than once I'm not sure this is a coincidence that the MP&S theme music and the music to DC's Independent Women Part 2 song sound almost similar, although DC's version sounds higher-pitched and a little faster in speed.

Did anyone else notice it too?

Listen to the Mr. Peabody and Sherman (60s) theme song and then listen to Independent Women part 2, or in any order you like and listen carefully and you'll notice the two songs sound almost alike.

 I've been watching Mr. Peabody and Sherman since 1990 but never paid much attention to the theme song. But after hearing DC's song and then more than a year later happening to hear the theme to MP&S, it not only sounded familiar to DC's song but I began to notice the similarities. Plus, MP&S goes back to the 1960s and so does the theme music, but that Destiny's Child song didn't come until like 2000.

Again I tried finding a connection between the two to see if Destiny's Child used Mr. Peabody and Sherman's theme song for their song "Independent Women Part 2" but couldn't find any but I don't completely believe this is a coincidence. Just something I noticed and wanted to call attention to.

If someone knows something I don't, please leave a comment. Also please comment if you notice the similarities between the two songs by DC and MP&S.

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