Ok so today 3/29/14 I found this screenshot of the minor character Mason who appeared in the movie in which a user named Lions king. The very weird thing is that the picture Lions King took was taken at a theater and guess what it was taken by a CELLPHOONE. Taking pictures with a cellphone is ILLEGAL in a theater. I know this because I went to the theater to see the film and before it started it said Please turn off cellphones and other mobile devices so literatly he ignored it and right before the scene where Sherman and Penny like were in the fight, he took the picture of Mason. Who thinks Lions king should have taken the photo when it would be on DVD and Blue Ray (will be released somewhere around June or July) and if he should be punished? Link to pic --->    (PS: I am very p*ssed at this guy and I believe he may get punished, also the other pictures were already on the internet such as clips and trailers I believe taking the picture of those on the internet is legal. I do not know if they are also illegal but meh)

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