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The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Soundtrack is will be released digitally on October 2, 2015, and on CD in December 2015. Published by Lakeshore Records, the album will feature original score and the opening theme song by Eric Goldman and Michael Corcoran (aka The Outfit), and new original songs by Jukebox the Ghost, JD McPherson, Wordsworth and Prince Paul, and Ra Ra Riot.

Track Listing

  1. Peabody And Sherman Theme Song – The Outfit
  2. Firsts Song – Greg Whipple, Chris Parnell, Max Charles
  3. Through the Battle of Waterloo – The Outfit
  4. Cooking the Caveman Way – The Outfit
  5. Ferris Wheel – Wordsworth and Prince Paul
  6. How To Be A Kid – The Outfit
  7. Mozart’s Remix Suite – The Outfit
  8. Christine’s Song – Da'Vine Joy Randolph
  9. Wright Brothers Suite – The Outfit
  10. Taco Pudding – Max Charles and Chris Parnell
  11. Laika Rap – Max Charles and Chris Parnell
  12. Churchill Suite – The Outfit
  13. Black Hole – Jukebox the Ghost
  14. Time to Get Colonial – The Outfit
  15. Back Together – Zachary Hexum and Lauren Vogel
  16. The Kraken Suite – The Outfit
  17. Bumblebeard – Pirate Cast
  18. The Gang Runs With The Bulls – The Outfit
  19. Captain Robert Falcon Scott – Ra Ra Riot
  20. Mark Twain Suite – The Outfit
  21. Here Comes the Bride Remix – The Outfit
  22. Wedding Day – Max Charles, Chris Parnell, Da'Vine Joy Randolph
  23. In The Windmill – The Outfit
  24. John Sutter Suite – The Outfit
  25. Aerobics Song – Max Charles and Chris Parnell
  26. Californada Interlude – Randy Crenshaw
  27. Let the Games Begin – The Outfit
  28. Take It To the Top – Jess Harnell
  29. Crazy Horse – JD McPherson
  30. See Ya Next Time – The Outfit

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