Movie Poster
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle
Film information
Directed by Des McAnuff
Produced by Robert De Niro

Jane Rosenthal

Written by Kenneth Lonergan
Editing by Dennis Virkler
Music by Mark Mothersbaugh
Studio Universal Studios
Release date June 30, 2000
Running time 92 minutes
Language English
Budget $70 million
Gross revenue $35,143,820
Preceded by Dudley Do-Right (film)
Followed by Mr. Peabody and Sherman

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle is a 2000 American live-action adventure comedy film produced by Universal Pictures, based on the television cartoon The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show by Jay Ward. It stars Piper Perabo, Robert Di'Niro, Jason Alexander, and Renee Russo. The animated characters Rocky and Bullwinkle shared the screen with live actors. The film also featured supporting roles done by Randy Quaid, Kel Mitchell and Keng Paget Brewster, Janeane Garofalo, John Goodman, David Allen Grier, Don Novello, Jon Polito, Carl Reiner, Whoopi Goldberg, and Jonathan Winters. Released in 2000, The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle was the third film in four years to have been a Jay Ward cartoon adaptation (George of the Jungle (1997) and Dudley Do-Right (1999) having preceded it).


Rocky the Flying Squirrel and his erudite friend Bullwinkle J. Moose are living in the now desolate Frostbite Falls, barely surviving on diminishing residual checks from re-runs of their old television series. Meanwhile, back in Pottsylvania, Fearless Leader and his notorious spies Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale have escaped their cartoon existences and are reborn as characters in flesh and blood, and headed for Hollywood. There the evil trio hatch a ruthless plan to take over the world, forcing Rocky and Bullwinkle to go head-to-head with their longtime nemeses Boris and Natasha, to stop them once and for all.


Reception and Box Office

This episode received mixed to negative reviews from critics and fans. Roger Ebert gave the film three stars out of four, saying, "It was a funny movie for kids and it was a funny movie for adults, too, and it has an attitude towards itself and it's in on the joke, and I really was surprised how much I liked it!" However, on $76 million budget the film grossed $35 million worldwide. However, most people were disappointed and that the movie was lame. This caused Tiffany Ward, daughter of Jay Ward to vow never to make a live-action film based on her father's works again.

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