Rocky J. Squirrel
Rocky J. Squirrel
Background Information
Feature Films
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle
Mr. Peabody & Sherman (cameo)
Television Series
The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show
Video Games
June Foray (1959-2014)
Character Information
Plucky, fun-loving, brave, fearless, gullible, adorable
Gray squirrel, buck teeth, big eyes, blue flyers hat
Frostbite Falls, Minnesota
Bullwinkle J Moose

Mr. Peabody
Captain Peachfuzz
Gidney and Cloyd

Boris Badenov

Natasha Fatale
Fearless Leader

Adventure, flying, having fun with his friends
Villains, danger
"Hokey smoke!"

"Now here's something we hope you'll really like!"

Rocky J. Squirrel is one of the two main protagonists of The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show. He is Bullwinkle's roommate and best friend. 


"The hero of Frostbite Falls, this aerial speedster's statue adorns the town square, and his portrait-done in colored bottle caps-hangs proudly in the general store.

But Rocky was not actually born in Frostbite Falls. Rather, he originally hails from Winnemucca, Nevada, and didn't even see a tree until he was nine years old. Up to that time, he was forced to hide nuts in a hollow cactus. Rocky's amazing flying skills developed when he was caught up by a particularly powerful Nevada zephyr. He didn't touch the ground again until he had reached chilly Frostbite, Minnesota.

Educated in the finest private schools (back before public schools accepted squirrels), Rocky went on to attend Julliard, where he majored in Snare Drums. He finished his education at Cal Tech (Calvin's School of Supermarket Technology).

Rocky is the three-time winner of the Junior Birdmen Trophy for Cross-Country Flying by a Small Mammal Wearing Goggles, and was recently named the mascot of the Air Force's 319th Garbage Disposal and Sanitation Wing."


The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show

Rocky shared a house with Bullwinkle, in the fictional small town of Frostbite Falls, Minnesota, a parody of the real-life American town of International Falls, Minnesota. Rocky and Bullwinkle would often have various adventures that usually saw them thwart the various schemes of the series' villains, Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale (and also occasionally Boris and Natasha's superior, Fearless Leader).

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle

In the live-action/CGI hybrid film, Rocky and Bullwinkle join FBI agent, Karen Sympathy to stop Fearless Leader from taking over the world. 35 years after the shows end, he loses his ability to fly. Along the way, they meet various celebrities including 90's comedy duo, Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. When he, Bullwinkle, and Karen start to plane crash, he regains his confidence and can fly again. He and Karen arrive in Fearless Leader's lair and then get turned into vegetables. Fortunately, Bullwinkle arrives in time and revives them and helps Rocky and Karen stop the Pottsylvanians. At the end, Rocky and Bullwinkle become stars again and their home has been restored. Before they leave, they share a tearful goodbye to Karen and Karen kisses Rocky on the lips.

They return to their restored home, and Rocky takes a rocket speed soar into the air and they say goodbye to the audience.

Geico Commercial


Rocky and Bullwinkle in a Geico Commercial.

Rocky and Bullwinkle appear in a Geico commercial where the Gecko takes a look at the Rocky mountains. Bullwinkle claims the mountains are named after Rocky. When, Rocky flies in and tries to tell Bullwinkle that they are actually named after the rocks on the mountain, but Bullwinkle interupts and claims it's named after "our first president George Rockington".

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

RockyAndBullwinkle CL

Rocky and Bullwinkle's cameo

Rocky doesn't appear in the film itself, but he and Bullwinkle do have cameos in a few scenes. They appear on paintings. In the trailer, Rocky can be seen on pop art and in another, he appears on a painting in George Washington's room with Bullwinkle.

Rocky and Bullwinkle


Rocky with Bullwinkle in the CGI short.

Recently, he and Bullwinkle have finished their adventure of rescuing a Mayan Princess. They then receive necklaces for their bravery. The villagers decide to thank them by sacrifcing them, but Rocky and Bullwinkle flee the pyramid.

The next day, they are home in Frostbite Falls where they have a town holiday dedicated to them called "Rocky and Bullwinkle Day" for all the times they saved the town. In which they also receive the Key to the City. 

Just then, a female moose (who is obviously a robot) arrives on the stage and Bullwinkle becomes smitten and leaves with the female moose, leaving Rocky all alone. 

Overtime, Rocky is left all alone while Bullwinkle and Jane are out on dates (while Bullwinkle is oblivious to the fact she is trying to kill him). Rocky becomes very sad and lonely without Bullwinkle around. 

A few days later, he receives an invitation to Bullwinkle and the robot moose's wedding. Rocky decides to stop the wedding and stop Bullwinkle from leaving him on his own. 

Rocky arrives at the wedding but not before the preacher pronounces Bullwinkle and the robot are married. At the after party, Rocky finds out that Boris was in the robot all along. Rocky proceeds to warn Bullwinkle, but not before Natasha jumps in to stop Rocky and they start to fence. Fortunately, Boris causes the robot to explode and sends himself and Natasha flying into the ocean. 

Rocky and Bullwinkle reconcile and shake hands. But not before they are interrupted by a female robot squirrel, who Rocky seems to be smitten with.


Rocky's personality is meant be that of an upstanding, if slightly naive, all-American youth. As the brains of the duo, Rocky often comes up with creative solutions to the various situations that the duo find themselves in on their adventures. However, he is no less gullible toward Boris and Natasha's disguises than Bullwinkle is. The best he can do is to occasionally remark, "Those two look familiar!" or "That voice, where have I heard that voice?" He also seems to be smarter than Bullwinkle and often has to be his voice-of-reason. Sometimes, he gets annoyed and frustrated with Bullwinkle's idiocy.

Physical Appearance

Rocky is an adorable and gray flying squirrel. He has big, black pupils, and a big, bushy gray tail. His only article of clothing is a blue pilots hat and goggles. In the CGI short, he is more robust and his eyes have a blue iris.  


  • Rocky is the only character in the franchise to be voiced by the same voice actor in all of his appearances, at least until June Foray's death. 
  • Rocky makes a cameo in the Family Guy episode, The Thin White Line while time traveling when he was supposed to be tanning, Chris finds himself in “the Bible days” and encounters an angry lion. Peter Griffin pulls the lion up from the booth and remarks that it is the wrong hat. Rocky shows up and says, “And now, here’s something we hope you’ll really like." 

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