20th Century FoxA Dog and His BoyA Favor for Christine / Lady Godiva
AgamemnonAlexander Graham BellAlfred Nobel
Annie OakleyBanana FormulaBig Boy / Blackbeard
Big Top Peabody / Taj MahalBiggest Fan / Queen IsabellaBill Scott
Black Hole / Winston ChurchillBonnie Prince CharlieBoris Badenov
Box Top RobberyBrain Switch / Koikawa HarumachiBuffalo Bill
Bullwinkle's RestaurantBullwinkle J. MooseBumbling Brother's Circus
Buried TreasureCalamity JaneCaptain Mathew Clift
Captain PeachfuzzCassnovaCharge of the Light Brigade
ChristineChristopher ColumbusCleopatra
Climate Control / ZiryabCommander PearryCompletely Lost
ConfuciusDaniel BooneDesperate Moosewives
Disloyal CanadiansDon JuanDreamWorks Animation
Dudley Do-RightDudley Do-Right (film)Dudley Do-Right of the Mounties
Edgar Allen PoeFearless LeaderFerdinand Magellan
First Kentucky DerbyFrancisco PizzaroFranz Schubert
George ArmstrongGeronimoGidney and Cloyd
Goof Gas AttackGreeperny OogleGuglielmo Marconi
Handcuffs for a Song / Wright BrosHans Christian OerstedHorse
I Knew That Was Gonna Happen / SacagaweaInside Hobson / Annie OakleyJames McNeil Whistler
Jane MoosefieldJay WardJay Ward Productions
Jesse JamesJet Fuel FormulaJim Bowie
Johannes GutenburgJohn HollandJohn L. Sullivan
John SutterJules VerneJump the Whale Shark / Frédéric Bartholdi
June ForayKing ArthurKing Tut
Kit CarsonLawrence of ArabiaLazy Jay Ranch
Leonardo Da VinciLeonardo Da Vinci (episode)Lief Erickson
List of Dudley Do-Right episodesList of Mr. Peabody & Sherman episodesList of Rocky and Bullwinkle Sagas
Lord Francis DouglassLord NelsonLouis Pasteur
Louis XIVLucretia BorgiaLudwig Von Beethoven
MSI: Frostbite FallsMarco PoloMedieval Fest / John Sutter
Metal Munching MiceMissouri Mish MashMortgaging the Mountie Police
Mouse Hunt / David BushnellMr. HobsonMr. Peabody
Mr. Peabody/GalleryMr. Peabody & Sherman (Music From the Motion Picture)Mr. Peabody & Sherman (film)
Mr. Peabody & Sherman (film)/GalleryMr. Peabody & Sherman (film)/SoundtrackMr. Peabody & Sherman (film)/Trivia
Mr. Peabody & Sherman (film)/VideosMr. Peabody & Sherman WikiMr. Peabody and Sherman/Errors
Mr. Peabody and Sherman (Comic Series)Mr. Peabody and Sherman (DVD)Ms. Grunion
NapoleonNatasha FataleNell Fenwick
NeroNew Sponsor / CleopatraOrchoptitron in Love / John Harrington
Outbreak / Ancient Greek GamesPT BarnumPainting Theft
Pancho VillaPatch Games / Mark TwainPatty Peterson
Paul PetersonPaul ReuterPaul Revere
Pea Dummy / Mary AnningPeabody's Diet / Ponce De LeonPeabody's Improbable History
Peabody's Parents / GalileoPenny PetersonPeter Cooper
Ponce De LeonPony ExpressQueer Eye for the Moose Guy
Reality FridayReturn of the Guapos Part 1 / Lucy WalkerReturn of the Guapos Part 2
Return of the Guapos Part 3Richard the Lion-HeartedRobert Fulton
Robin HoodRobinson CrusoeRocky J. Squirrel
Rocky and BullwinkleRocky and Bullwinkle's Know-It-All Quiz GameRocky and Bullwinkle and Friends (XBOX Game
Rue BrittaniaRuff Guyz / George CrumScotland Yard
Scrambled Eggs / George StephensonSecret Agent Sherman / Alexander CartwrightSeen It / Edgar Allan Poe
ShermanSherman's Pet / Marco PoloSherman Exchange Program / Charles Dickens
Sherman From A to Zzzz / Akaski ShiganosukeShow on the Road / Catherine the GreatSir Issac Newton
Sir Walter RaleighSitting BullSnidely Whiplash
Spooktacular / Nicholas Joseph CugnotStanley and LivingstoneStephen Colbert
Stephen DectuarStokey the BearStuck / Mozart
Super Sherman / Ada LovelaceSurrender of CornwallisSweet Little Lies / Alan Pinkerton
Telethon / Enrico CarusoThe Adventures of Rocky and BullwinkleThe Battle of Bunker Hill
The British Are ComingThe First CavemanThe First Golf Match
The First Indian Head NickelThe French Foreign LegionThe Great Wall of China
The Guns of AlboneThe Last Angry MooseThe Marquis of Queensbury
The Mr. Peabody & Sherman ShowThe Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show (soundtrack)The Perfect Perfect Show Again Again / Abraham Lincoln
The Perfect Show / NapoleonThe Perfect Show Again / AristophaneThe Rocky & Bullwinkle Show
The Royal Mounted PoliceThe Texas RangersThe Three Moosketeers
The Treasure of Monte ZoomThe WABACThe Wrath of Hughes
The Wright BrothersThis is Your Life? / Robert Edwin PearyTime and Time Again
Topsy Turvy WorldTrap BaitTree House / Queen Hatshepsut
Ty BurrellUpsidaisiumVasco Núñez de Balboa
Vote For BorisWailing WhaleWillaim Shakespeare
Willaim Tecumseh ShermanWillaim TellWorld Records / Hotu Matu'a
Wyatt EarpZebulon Pike

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