List of sagas from the TV series, The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show
Rocky and Bullwinkle


There is a difference of opinion regarding the titles famously used as teasers at the end of most Rocky and Bullwinkle segments to promote the next episode (e.g. "Don't miss tomorrow's exciting episode: Bullwinkle's Ride or Goodbye, Dollink"). Some sources, such as IMDB, use them as actual titles for the individual episodes. Others, however, regard them simply as each segment's final gag (most involve cultural references—sometimes rather obscure—and frequently dreadful puns) rather than as actual titles. While these titles are mentioned at the end of most episodes they never appear in or on the episodes to which they supposedly refer

Rocky and Bullwinkle story arcs generally end with the title characters riding off into the sunset. Rather than promoting a specific upcoming episode or story line the narrator simply exhorts viewers to "tune in next time" for the heroes' further adventures. Thus, the initial segment of each story arc is not named in the preceding episode; these episodes take their names from the story arc that they begin.

List of Sagas

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

Season Six

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