King Tut is a minor antagonist in the film, Mr. Peabody and Sherman who is voiced by Zach Callison. He is Sherman's rival for Penny's affectiion. 
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King Tut first appears when Peabody is about to take Penny home from ancient Egypt, but he intervenes. It is also revealed that Penny is Tut's girlfriend and they are to be married the next day (though Penny intends to steal Tut's money and throne when he is killed at the wedding). But when Penny found out when King Tut is killed, she will be murdered too and turned into a mummy. Penny tries to leave but Tut intends to keep Penny all to himself (being a cruel and barbaric era). When Peabody and Sherman save Penny, he and his evil servant, Ay plan to get Penny back by any means necessary. But Peabody, Sherman, and Penny escape.

But, when Penny and Sherman cause a rip hole in the space-time continum, he arrives in the present and lands on a windsheild. To Sherman's anger, he wipes him away.

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