Don Juan
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Season 1, Episode 16th
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Air date Unknown
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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Richard the Lion-Hearted Willaim Tecumseh Sherman
 Don Juan is the 16th episode of Peabody and Sherman. 


Don Juan has lost his mojo when he finds out that his love for onions has given him bad breath and he is losing all the ladies. Only Peabody and Sherman can help him recover his reputation. They try to make him give up onions, but that doesn't work. Can Mr. Peabody find a remedy?


  • This episode has a rather dark scene in it. Don Juan tries to jump off his roof, this counts as a suicide attempt. Suicide is a very serious thing, even for a show like this.
  • Don Juan says he ate 16 onion rolls, but there were 27.

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